Food is everywhere. It comes in various textures, shapes, colors, flavors, and smells. We often don’t notice these beautiful subtleties in our food today because food has become industrialized and mass produced.  This blog will explore food at it’s very basic, natural qualities and emphasize those qualities through growing, sourcing, cooking, tasting, and enjoying food.  All of this, of course, is intended to be done in good company, as food has always been a focal point of social engagement and culture around the world.

about US


Caroline grew up in New Hampshire with an older sister, younger brother and everything in between. She has always valued time with her family, especially when food is involved.  When she was little, Caroline used to ask her Mom what was for dinner on the way to school in the morning.  Let's just say food is usually on her mind. Having a sensitivity to dairy has forced Caroline to think outside the box when it comes to home comfort food. She has a wonderful ability to transform a traditionally dairy-heavy meal into lighter fare with the same rich flavor. 

Shawn was born in Maine and lived there most of his life.  He has always loved being outside and strongly values living in "Vacationland." His culinary interest started later in life but always enjoyed memorable food moments with his extended family. His dad's family tradition of putting live lobsters on one's head before cooking is something he remembers since he was a kid. These types of food related stories and memories have given Shawn a love of using food to connect with loved ones and tell stories.

We met each other during undergraduate studies at the University of Maine at Farmington. Having lived next door to each other on a lake in western Maine and travelled to Costa Rica together before dating, we have always made the most out of our time together. Throughout our travels we always keep a close eye on the food, especially the fresh foods at local markets and farm stands. We have shared many memorable meals together from our first date, wedding dinner, and fresh breakfast every day.

Join us in creating shared experiences with the people around you!


It’s one thing when you have an idea, but to transform an idea into something real or tangible takes thinking, creativity, and ultimately the will to dedicate yourself to that idea.  Much like seeds need soil, water, nutrients, and sunlight to transform into plants, an idea takes inspiration, time, skill, and collaboration to turn into something whole.

When we first came up with the idea to start our own blog, it sounded like a good idea but the process of turning an idea into reality seemed like too much to think about.  Over time, we kept coming back to the idea because deep down, we both knew it was something we would enjoy and be good at.  Our friends or loved ones would comment on how together or individually we are good at cooking, sourcing food, meal planning, writing, photography, and above all loving the experience of eating good food with others. This created more of a desire to turn that first idea into this blog.  So here we are.

Through the lens of the To Gather Blog, we’ll share our culinary lives with you. We’ll show you how to get the most flavor and nutrition out of your food while minimizing your impact on the world around you.  By sourcing primarily local and sustainable foods, you’ll be able to satisfy your appetite and ensure the very resources you’re using will still be there for the next generation. Our experience with food will always be shared with the understanding that food is meant to bring people together. For all of human history, food has not only provided nourishment but it has also brought people closer to one another.

By understanding how to properly select, prepare, cook, store, and serve food you’ll maximize its flavor and your body’s ability to absorb the bionutrients within each ingredient.  We promise it will be easy to understand and you’ll be left wondering why nobody told you sooner! There is a lot you can do right in the kitchen and a lot you can do wrong.  We’ll help you sort out everything from the very basics of cooking to the bigger, more involved processes that take place.

Food is equal parts nourishment, love, sustainable, and enjoyment. So please, gather with us and enrich your life with cooking.